The Proposal


Will you marry me?

Nothing in this life quite compares to the sweet exhilaration of making your move.


To plan the perfect proposal is not easy, especially if it is in an other city or country. It will be a day in life you will remember forever - and its story will be told for many times: to your family, to your friend and to your future children. The team of Photo of my life, will help you to make a perfect secret proposal and capture the emotions of your common "YES" forever.


What does that mean:

A perfect proposal starts with a perfect preparation:


What it includes: You will meet and talk to your proposal photographer ahead of your BIG day. You can talk about special wishes and your personal style. Every couple and every engagement is special and so the photos should be. Of course the photographer has also extra tips for making your proposal perfect. Not only for the moment - for a lifetime.


Before your shoot: You will talk to our proposal photographer about all the details of your special day. This is important to have the ideal position for the "perfect shot". With his local experience he can give you some extra tips regarding the secret romantic spots in the city. This guarantees that your proposal will be unique an not in an touristic kind of way.


The day of your shoot: Of course everything will be planed perfectly, but somehow it is possible that an unforgotten event will interrupt the plan. No need to worry! Your personal proposal photographer will be ready at the location 10 minutes in advance. Just enjoy the moment!


Forget selfies. Book a photoshoot for your next vacation!

We connect you with the best local photographers in Europe. Have an amazing photoshoot and make your vacation memories last forever.

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