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Don't take our word. Here is what our customers wrote us.

"My mother said: I had to be almost 60 years old until someone took such beautiful photos of me!" That really says it all. Thanks again to your organization & to Olga's incredible effort. Thank you very much & best regards, Ann-K. " (Translated from German)

"Thank you for the congratulations and again: Thank you for the TOP organization. I would be happy to recommend it to others. Lisa did it incredibly well. She was easy going and took a lot of pressure off me of her kind. We are eagerly awaiting the Results. Greetings, Tomislav " (Translated from German)

"Hello Erik,

The photo shoot was great and my girlfriend was very happy about the application.

Thank you for your help. Jonathan was really a great and fun photographer.


I will definitely recommend you!


best regards

Maurice "





"I am very happy. I confirm that everything is clear. I am really pleasantly surprised. You really thought of everything. Thank you!"




"Thank you for your work and help, and for congratulations."




"Hello Erik, the photos have become really great. My fiancee would like more photos now. Is that still possible? :-)"




"Hey Erik, Thank you for the amazing photoshoot. Orlich was great and professional... her location selection and the way she helped us click pictures was great... am waiting to get the pictures <3 And thanks Orlich on behalf of me if possible.... she was awesome!"




"Thank you very much for the great photo shoot! :-)"




"Hello Erik, many thanks to you and your team. We enjoy the remaining days very much in Rome. We have selected 20 photos. Thank you again. Greetings, Matthäus."




"Hello Erik, the shooting was really great. It was really fun and a great surprise! You really noticed that Anastasia does it with passion and joy. Kind regards, Jan"




"Hi Erik, the photoshoot and proposal went very well! Thanks so much for your help in setting it up! Thank you, Sam"




"Thanks again from us both! Sorry for the delay - we've been wedding planning! :) I've reviewed you on Google (5 Stars). Best, Keith & Sarah"




"Hi Erik, we have marked 10 pictures. Thank you for the great help. If there is any way, I would like to give you a good rating. Best regards, Hakan."




"Hello Erik, thank you for the great experience. The photographer was really great! We are looking forward to the photos. Best regards, Hakan"




"Hi Erik, thank you for your email. I am really grateful and glad how professional you excited the doing. I'm really! Thanks for the tips :-)"




"Hello Erik, the location is exactly what I was picturing as well! I attached a couple pictures of us. I am very excited! Thanks for all your help! Sincerely, Sam"




"Hi Erik, thank you for your words of congratulations and Lisa for taking such lovely photos :-) It was hard to choose. We hae marjed 20 as final. We look forward to being to download them soon. Thank you once again. Keith and Sarah."




"Thanks for the shoot! It was very cool :-) LG Patrik & Ines"




"Hello Erik! 30 pictures have been selected. Thank you again, the photography was very friendly and everything worked out. Best regards, Manuel"




"Hello Erik, we have now decided on 40 pictures. I have already booked and paid for the upgrade +20 pictures. Thank you again for the unforgettable day! :-) Regards, Steffen"




"Hi Erik, great! Thanks for the positive feedback. Then everything is now planned. I see the shooting calmed down counter. Regards, Tobi"




"Hello Erik, thank you for your mail. :-) My mom and I are completely enthusiastic about the pictures. From the beginning to the end Olga was not only professional & very focused but also polite and friendly. My mother and I are always very critical with photos of us and we are both just broken almost in tears when we saw Olga's works. your whole besondnerer views and their skills have impressed us deeply and we would like to express her a huge praise and a lot gräßeres Dankeschönö. My mother said: "I had to be almost 60 years old until someone took such beautiful photos of me!" That really says it all. Again many thanks to your incredible Organization & Olga's effort. Thank you very much & best regards, Ann-Kathrin "




"Hi Erik, we choose our photos. Thank you again for the great photoshooting. Best regards, Suthan"




"Hello Erik, thank you very much. The photos are great! We are only considering whether we can take 10 more, so we need a little time to think about it. Greetings, Samy"




"Hello Erik, many thanks for the congratulations. We are very excited about the photos. Olga did a great job. Greetings, Samy"




"Hello Erik, we chose 10 photos that I marked Final. Thank you again for the organization and the great pictures. I will definitely recommend it to you. Thanks !! Best regards, Burake"




"Hello, thank you for the great support with my marriage proposal in Paris. I could ask questions of any kind whatsoever and mostly they were answered the same day via email or Whatsapp. I never felt alone during the preparations and the suggestions and ideas were just great. I can only recommend Photo of my Life! The photos are just incredibly beautiful and will keep this moment forever. Thank you everyone !!! "




"Hello Erik, we marked the 10 photos of our choice with Final. It was really, really difficult to decide, because the photos were really good. You also have a nice weekend. :-) Best regards, Conrad"




"Hello Erik, thank you very much, we are very happy about the congratulations :-) Ok, thank you very much for doing it, the first unprocessed photos already looked incredibly good :-) We are very much looking forward to the photos Regards, Gregor. "




"Hello Erik, thank you for the congratulations and once again: thanks for the TOP organization. I will be happy to recommend it to you. Lisa did it incredibly well. She was easy going and took a lot of pressure off me. We are waiting looking forward to the results. Kind regards, Tomislav "




"Hello Erik, thanks for the great support, everything was great. Best regards, Marco"




"Thank you for the great service, always available and not economical with advice and action! Very good photographer in Paris, very nice and with great ideas for motifs. The photos have become great and will remind us of the experiences for a long time! Thank you! "




"It was very easy to organise an engagement shoot. They gave me options, guided on timing for lighting and the photographer sent was professional, lovely and we have beautiful photos to treasure. Getting them after was also straightforward. Great service!"




"Great service, exactly as requested for the application in Paris!"

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